Today was a day for saying goodbye, building relationships and guess what..no really guess what…you’ll never guess…ok you got it…painting.

We drove out to Abu Ghosh and met Ken at the cemetery where we all said our good-byes to Malka. We said the Lord’s Prayer, the Mourner’s Kaddish and our own personal prayer. Afterwards we went to Ken’s house and helped him paint and garden. As we departed we said a blessing and prayer over him.

Nancy Culpepper:

Shalom Knoxville!
This is my first trip to Israel and I have fallen in love with this country. What has struck me the most are the people. I watched a rally of young people a few days after arriving here. There had been several incidents of violence that day and they were coming together in a unity of support and love for their country. How wonderful to see this firsthand. It makes me realize how our young people back home take so much for granted and how little they know or care to know about the state of their own country. I wear a bracelet everyday that says “I pray for Israel”. I ask all of you who read this to please pray for Israel.

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