Today we went to John and Tikva Ott’s new home and painted half the house. We also did some gardening outside on the back porch. ¬† Tonight we went to the king of kings worship center to worship. This congregation is geared towards missionaries in the land.


One of the things which make this trip so special, are the divine encounters which each of us run into here in His Land. Just this morning, Sunday, in the “Break Room”, this man came in having just arrived in Israel yesterday with his mom who is Jewish. They are believers from near Mobile Alabama, and this has been a life long dream of Isabel to visit Israel with her Doctor son, Jonah!! So Jonah and I had a visit,a little in Hebrew,which they have been studying on the web!!! Isabel has been interested in going to The King of Kings, so they plan to go with us tonight. Hope that works out.
Yesterday after the wonderful worship time at the Golani Junction with Arab, Jewish, Messianic Believers from all over the Land, when we finally found a place open on Shabbat to eat a meal. It was delicious food and the waitress even seemed pleased to give us separate checks.
Most of the ones here have not been so welcome to accomodate us in that way, but on the whole, we shouldn’t complain. Complaining is something which is easy to fall into in this Land with the Spiritual battle you face when visiting His Land.


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