Shabbat in the Land – Day 9

Our second Shabbat here in Israel and our second-to-last day.  As the sun rose there was a mist that covered the Judean hills around us.  It was a cool and beautiful June morning.  We started by going to Join Danny and Tammy Meyuseff at their congregation in Kfar Saba.  Danny’s sister-in-law is a counselor and teacher who uses the tabernacle as a teaching tool for spiritual and emotional healing and to disciple women into a deeper walk with Yeshua.  We were privileged to have her walk us very briefly through the tabernacle and just a few of its spiritual truths.  Then Tammy shared about their ministry and how long and persistent they sometimes have to be to see someone come to faith in Yeshua.

Pastor Tony Sperandeo taught from John 12:23-25 and told of his recent trip to China to teach and serve the underground church.  He was arrested and detained twice but it didn’t deter the believers.  They just kept moving the location of their meeting until they were finished with the worship and teaching.  It is good to see Israel taking the Gospel to the world.  We were challenged and emboldened in our faith.

The afternoon was our time for a team debrief.  This is one of my favorite parts.  We always tell people that this trip is like trying to drink from a firehose.  You need plenty of time for processing all that you have observed all God is teaching you.  We gathered together under the shade of one of the wonder outdoor spaces here at Yad HaShmona.  Some of the ladies wanted to start our time with a presentation of “Superlative Awards”.  They were as follows:

Gregor: Mr. Israel/Fearless Leader/Rooster

Jennifer: Mrs. Israel/Fearless Leader/Mother Hen

Rabbi Michael: Best Corny Jokes/Best Pipes/Most Interesting Fashion Accessory

Amanda: Best Mona Lisa Smile/Best French Translator

Scott & Lynette: Cutest Couple

Bob: Most Likely To Win On Jeopardy/Most Interesting Facts

Judy: Most Adventurous/Most Likely To Jump In A Waterfall

Mindy: Best Israel Tan/Most Reliable

Imree: Team Mascot/Most Mature

Kristi: Princess Di Look-Alike Winner/Walking Bible

Janet: Most Agressive Prayer Warrior/Walking Pharmacy

Sue: Spunky Russian/Walking Pharmacy

Will: Gift of Tongues/Cat Whisperer/Runs on “Will Time”

Ashton: Best Hugs/Germophobe/Best Egg Cracker

Katie: Most Tenderhearted/Most Likely to Start a Cat Rescue in Israel

Natalie: Best Team Member/The Oreo Filling

Michelle: Runner-Up Best Tan/ Most Likely to Catch You in a Logical Fallacy

Jeannie: Best Israeli Native/Most Likely to Start a Deep Conversation

Josh: Most Chivalrous/Best Dancer/Best Documentary Filmaker Award

Mary Anne: Most Cheerful/Best Team Attitude

I posed five questions to everyone and we spent nearly four hours discussing and sharing our hearts (with a few breaks for snacks).  There were deeply moving times and times where we split our sides laughing.  Our favorite quote of the day came from Michelle: “Every time you are with the Rabbi you are going to learn something, even if you didn’t want to.”

We finished our debrief time with overflowing hearts of thankfulness poured out in prayer.  Later in the evening we went to Ben Yehuda Street to shop and play.  We took our dear friends, Malka and Ken Shostak with us.  We sat at a cafe on the street drinking cappuccinos and eating ice cream.  Back to the hotel at 11:30 and fell into bed exhausted and happy yet again.

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One thought on “Shabbat in the Land – Day 9

  1. I have been following you guys each day. I appreciate all the wonderful pictures and the daily descriptions provided. I look forward to talking with you all when you return. And most of all, look forward to the October trip when I can be there, see it and experience Israel. I pray that you have a safe journey home.

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