Final Post Israel Team #7

Final Post Israel Team #7

By Tracey Cato

As our trip winds down to an end, we are happy to come back home, and we are sad that we have to come back home. This land grabs hold of you. It changes you. It makes you want to come back again and again. This is the only place where you seem to feel the Spirit all the time. You can feel God working in this place. Your heart breaks for the people.

Yesterday we celebrated our final Shabbat service at Danny Meyuseff’s congregation followed by lunch at his house in which his wife, Tammy, prepared a feast. I’m fairly sure that most of us have gained a few pounds from all the delicious food we have been eating. We have been so blessed on this trip and your prayers have been answered, so we send a special thanks for all the prayer warriors.

Today started with our fair well to our friends Rutie and Chaim Singerman at Jerusalem Hills in Abu Ghosh. We loaded the bus with the luggage and headed for prayer walking on the old city wall (Jaffa gate to Zion gate) in Jerusalem. The rest of the day was spent decompressing. You have to prepare your mind for returning back to the states. Just like you have to prepare your mind to come to the land.

So I will wrap things up like this…
1) you can never come to the land and it not change you
2) when you get back home, you will never be able to explain the change to the people around you
3) it’s possible that even the team mates you traveled with may not fully understand your change, as The Lord has us all in different places in our walks

We have come to the land and successfully accomplished our mission. We have heard the testimonies of some incredible warriors of the land. We have worked hard painting, picking olives and inspiring the hearts of the leaders of the ministries so they know their work is making a difference. Spiritual warfare runs rampant here. It can drain the strongest of those in the faith. We have made new friends and grown our family. Thank you to all once again. Please check back in June when Team #8 will return.

By Mike Hannum

Good food and fellowship at the Jerusalem Hills breakfast bar. Lovely way to begin the morning.

To the Revive Israel Ministries facility for a time of worship, fellowship and teaching.

Asher Intrater is the founder/leader of this ministry but is joined by many congregational leader around Israel. In fact Revive is a leader training center for the Tikkum International Ministry. Tikkum (restoration – return to the Garden) International – the leadership authority for Messianic congregations throughout Israel and around the world (Michael Weiner’s congregation Somair Israel in Knoxville, our ministry partner, is an affiliate member).

As anticipated we were abundantly blessed this morning. Besides our group there was a larger contingency from Canada, some French speaking. Also two non-believing young Arab men from Bethlehem – “seekers.” They had been invited by a female Revive leader who has been witnessing to them.

Glorious worship and prayers were issued. The young Arab men allowed us to gather row them and pray. A lady, while lovingly looking them in their eyes, clearly shared with them. G_d be praised!

Asher then began the teaching. Since this was being recorded for international distribution he taught in English. But around the room you could the message being translated into several other language. Inspirational teaching. Glorious experience. Alleluia Adonai!

Then back to Danny’s olive grove. We killed them olives! We ripped those trees apart and filled Danny’ truck with bags of olives. We worked hard, got hot and scratched up – and loved every bit of it. Blessed in the blessing – that glorious reciprocal thing happening again. Tomorrow, Saturday, at Danny’s congregation for the Shabbat service he will give us the “score” – how many kilos of olives, how many liters of oil, and the purity of the oil (oil to water ratio). Those numbers will be shared that evening.

24-OCT-2013 Israel Team #7

By Mike Hannum

Touring the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament – the Legislative branch of the Gov’t.)
First an orientation by a Knesset tour usher. He reviewed the history of the institution, then the configuration of the legislative body, concluding with the scheduled activities foe the legislators for this day. Next we viewed a movie which offered yet more historical details. Israel has a democratic form of government. All citizens of the country cast votes , not for an individual candidate, but for a political party of which currently there are 12. The leader of the prevailing party becomes the Prime Minister.

We were shown a computerized board affixed to the wall which displayed pictures of all 120 of the Knesset members. If they were in the building their picture would illuminate – kool!

Our tour also included an opportunity to sit in the balcony if the Plenary Assembly Hall – where the legislators formally did their thing. Unfortunately few were present in the Hall at the time of our visit.

We were all impressed and thankful for this opportunity. There are many optional tours of the Knesset and the neighboring Supreme Court building. Hopefully will have an occasion to return, tour and pray for these important institutions.

By Tracey Cato

Wednesday afternoon:
After lunch we ventured out to Danny Meyuseff olive grove, which is five acres and 200 trees given to him by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has 18000 trees and none of them have ever produced any fruit. Danny’s 200 trees also never produced any fruit prior to his ownership. God has blessed his trees. In the first year of harvest the trees produced 18 liters of oil. (Isn’t it awesome that the numeric Hebrew value of the letter for 18 = life.) The second year was 180 liters and the third was 540 liters. This year Danny’s trees are the only trees in Israel that have produced olives. All the glory goes to The Lord.

We spent 3 hours harvesting 6 trees. Danny took us over to the olive press that runs 24 hours a day at the Catholic Church to press the olives we harvested that day. Waiting in anticipation we watched the press work it’s magic. From the 220 kg of olives we picked there was 42 liters of olive oil pressed. The oil was < 20% which is very good, because the olive contains a lot of water. We will return tomorrow to pick again. I pray The Lord will give us the strength to do twice as many trees. Every tree we harvest is one less tree Danny has to harvest. Danny will have to do the rest of the trees by himself. The Jewish people will not help him, because he is messianic and the Arabs charge him double for labor since they know he can not get any help. Our work for him is very important. [portfolio_slideshow]


By Michele Lobdell

Awoke to a beautiful desert morning near the Dead Sea; walked to breakfast and enjoyed the flowers and the fellowship. After packing, we left Kalia Kibbutz, headed for Masada; the hikers contemplating the task ahead with the “Rocky” theme running through their heads.

We arrived at Masada, packed up the hikers with water, and we set out. It was interesting how everyone in the group climbed at their own pace and it didn’t matter how quickly we got to the top; each at his own pace and in his own way; as long as we did not quit and we all arrived at our destination. What a great metaphor for our Christian walk. At the summit, our “super amazing, all time most excellent” guide, Herzl, gave us a tour and the history of the site. It is a monument to the Jewish spirit and independence; slavery or death, and they chose death as free people over a life in chains; just as we as Christians choose death to ourselves and a life in Christ that frees us from slavery to sin. What an amazing place to bring the Jewish story of God’s redeeming love full circle.

After Masada it was off to En Gedi, to swim in the pools of fresh spring water coming from the desert and the site where King David hid when Saul wanted to kill him. This was another place where God speaks to us about His love; a place where water springs from the desert, as His love springs forth from us when we accept Jesus, the source of Living Water. The highlight of that site was seeing Betsy, our spunky 86 year old heroine and lover of Israel, wade into the pools and partake of the refreshing. All of the younger women pray to be Betsy at her age!

We left En Gedi, made a quick stop to see Charlie the Camel, (Bethany could not resist a quick “ride” on a “Ship of the Desert”), and get gas. Then it was “On the Road to Jerusalem”. This was a solemn time for us as we all anticipated entering the Holy City and the place where the battle rages more fiercely than anywhere else on earth. We prayed for the team, sang songs of praise and entered with the assurance that the war is already won.

We found a spot away from the tourists with a great view of the Mt. of Olives and the Temple Mount and partook of the Lord’s Supper. Rabbi Mike led a brief service while the team reflected on the amazing thing that God has done for us. Standing where the Lord Jesus could have actually stood was an experience that only those who have been here can fully understand. Rabbi Mike is a wealth of information about the history of the land, and we all finished our communion with a new perspective of the battles, both physical and spiritual, that continue to rage until Yeshua HaMashiach comes again as the King of Glory.

On to dinner in the mall! The highlight of dinner was watching Herzl keep Sonya from enjoying her ice cream on the bus; we all waited patiently while our “most excellent” guide sternly kept her out until it was all done. Of course, he hadn’t seen the other three people who had brought their ice cream on board before he noticed. Poor Sonya!

We checked into our hotel, Jerusalem Hills, owned by Cheim and Rutie Singerman, around 8 pm. All of us were tired and the accommodations are wonderful. The Singerman’s are kind, gentle Messianic believers with a wonderful heart for service and we know we will enjoy our 5 days with them. Rutie is due to deliver their seventh child any day; they are indeed fruitful and multiplying in the land!

interestingly, the night was not over after bedtime; our Arab neighbors decided to celebrate wins in the elections held today at 3:30 in the morning with fireworks and automatic weapons. It was a sobering reminder that we are indeed in a dangerous place. Please keep us in your prayers. Tomorrow, the Kinneset and olive picking with Danny!

By Michael Weiner

We approach the holy city, Jerusalem, the city of our God, and come to a stop on Mt. Scopus where we can view the old city and the Kidron Valley. This is our destiny to share in the Land, to touch the heart of God for this place as we share the table of The Lord.

The place where we stand was under Jordanian control for 19 years (1948-1967). During that time, no Jew could enter any part of East Jerusalem nor any part of the old city, including the Western Wall area. In the Six Day War, the area was liberated.

Mt. Scopus is part of the ridge line that includes the Mount of Olives. This is where Yeshua will return to the earth to establish his millennial reign. Many Jewish people have sacrificed their lives in four wars and much in between for our right as Jewish and non-Jewish believers to simply stand in this place. For this, we give thanks.

Today, the United States government, along with most of the rest of the world, wants Israel to give back this land ( return to the pre-1967 armistice lines). Our prayer is that Jerusalem will never be a divided city, but always in Jewish hands and open to all people of all faiths.