Watchmen on the Wall by Rabbi Michael

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest,and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” Isaiah 62: 6-7

We are walking up the hill, then down the hill.  Up HaMefakked Street (Officer Street – apparently since it is such a nice street with a view, officers used to live there) and down Hebron Street on our way to the Jaffa Gate where we will begin our walk on the wall.  The air is clear, clean and cool without a cloud in the sky.  We keep our appointment with the Lord and get up on the wall, that we might fulfill the Scripture quoted above.

In the opening phrase, the word “posted” appears in the English.  It is translated from the original Hebrew word “Hifkadeti.”  That word is a past tense, first person word where God is saying, “I have appointed (watchmen).”  This appointment is, in a sense, an official appointment.  We received our official appointment, and prayed our way from the Jaffa Gate to the Zion Gate, stopping in several places along the way to read Scriptures and call on the Lord.

Those who are officially appointed are called watchmen, which is in Hebrew, Shomrim.  This is the plural form of the name of our partner Messianic congregation Shomair Yisrael (Watchmen of Israel).  As we prayed, we loosed the power of God over this city, this people, this place.  This is our calling until the Lord makes Jerusalem a praise in all the earth.  That is exactly the opposite of the way things are today.  The entire world wants to blame every problem on Jerusalem.

So we persist in prayer until every promise of God concerning Israel is fulfilled.  May it be so, Lord, speedily and in our day.  And let us all say, amen.







Ganei Chaim Olive Grove

Our day with Danny was filled with much blessing as we created flower beds near his pro-life statue. Hundreds of women come to plant Cyprus trees here in memory of an aborted baby. This olive grove brings much healing and restoration to all visitors and we were honored to plant flowers near the statue to make the area more special to those who visit it.

Formula one

Hey guys! Much to update you on, but for now a brief synopsis: dinner last night with John, Tikvah, Ken and Malka was incredible and spirit filled. This morning we went to Revive then had lunch with several members of the team. Afterward, our Danny had a surprise in store for us at Ganei Chaim Olive Grove–to create flower beds near the beautiful pro-life sculpture. Before and after pictures tomorrow! We had dinner with Eddie and Jackie at their house and it was such a rich time. Details and photos tomorrow! We love you and your prayers! Currently hearing the Muslim prayer call over speakers all over Jerusalem. Spiritual warfare is real. Sing and pray over this land. THANK YOU!!!

Harvest time

The team went to Tel Aviv today to meet with Rabbi’s friend Shmuel–a hero in the faith. Shmuel and his family are Messianic believers with a congregation and youth group outside of Tel Aviv. He told us about his ministry and we prayed for him and his people. We are hoping future teams can fellowship with them as opportunity allows.

Herzl had a treat in store for us after Shmuel’s house! we went to a coffee house where Messianics are able to worship. They showed us a video and shared about how it all came to be. They call their ministry Dugit ( meaning an ancient fishing boat), this is also the name of the coffee house. After that they showed us up to a wonderful location of prayer, they call it the Prayer tower and it over looks all of Tel Aviv. We were only able to stay for a little while but for those seven or so minutes we were up there the Holy Spirit moved in so many ways. We prayed for peace in the hearts of the believers there and that they would stand firm in their faith and not be gripped with doubts or worries, we also prayed that hearts and souls of the non-believers would be opened and see grace and love. The feeling in that room was indescribable up there!

We then continued to an old secret bullet factory that helped with Israel’s independence. It was an underground factory that no one but 46 people knew about. They would climb underground and act like they went to the fields to work, however they were actually making ammunition for the Israeli soldiers. They were very secretive about the predicament and were able to stump the British several times. We went on a tour in the factory and it was pretty outstanding how they kept it so secret for 3 years.

Now we are preparing to have dinner with Ken and Malka and John and Tikvah. So excited to see dear friends and faces. Continue to pray for these friends. Will post more tomorrow!