Last day

After our last breakfast and time of prayer at the hotel we packed
up and headed to the Dead Sea Scroll museum. There they had a large replica model
of ancient Jerusalem before being destroyed in 70 Ad . It was amazing to see
all the details and layout of the city which really gave you an impression of
how the city looked during jesus day. We then walked underground to see a copy
of the dead sea scrolls that was written in Hebrew on lambs skin over 2,000
years ago. After our tour we hopped back on the bus and headed to the Holocaust
museum. As we walked through the Children’s memorial garden and inner room they
played the names of each Childs age and home land every 10 seconds. You would
have to stand in the room for a year and a half to hear each child that was
killed during the holocaust. The museum is laid out in chronological order as
time progressed during the 30’s to mid 40’s. The final view of the museum was a
terrace over looking Jerusalem, a Nation that was formed in a day. “What
the enemy meant for evil God meant for good”.

After lunch we drove to
the old city for our final hours in Jerusalem before boarding the plane. Rabbi Michael
took us to the Jewish quarter and we toured a synagogue. The day was getting
dark and the air was turning cold so we stopped for some delicious rich hot chocolate
before we walked to the western wall were we spent time reflecting and placing
notes of prayers.  We ended the night at
a local restaurant where some friends joined us as well as a surprise from the Bellas.
As you all know we are now all back safely and rested from our long travels.
Thank you for all your faithful prayers and we look forward to many more
journeys to come.



Shabbat Shalom

But You are holy, Enthroned in the praises of Israel. Psalm 22:3

Another rainy day in Israel, but rain is a blessing in this dry land, we also had another rainbow! Today is a very celebrated day in Israel, the Jewish Shabbat, a day of worship and rest for many of the Jewish people. After a morning prayer and breakfast we attended a more traditional messianic Shabbat service which was all in Hebrew. It was a great message on discerning the will of the Lord. We then ate lunch near Bethlaham and headed to the garden tomb. Though it was pretty wet and cold it was so powerful. The garden was such an intimate place to celebrate our risen Lord in the likely location where He gave everything for us! We the went back to the hotel and meet together in prayer with dear friends the Bellas from Knoxville who had been in Israel for the last 100 days. We got to hear stories of what the Lord was doing in their time there. It seems that the Lord would constantly bring us people to pray for and encourage and to be encouraged what a blessing. After diner most of the team headed over to Ben Yehuda Street. Here we did some shopping but the highlight was worshiping with the South Korean youth and to praise the Father in the streets of Israel.

Then the nations around you that remain will know that I the LORD have rebuilt what was destroyed and have replanted what was desolate. I the LORD have spoken, and I will do it.’  EZEKIEL 36:36

Today we began with a time of worship and prayer over breakfast and then headed towards the orthodox quarter of Jerusalem where we served in the soup kitchen. For many receiving that meal would be the only food they get each day. Such a blessing to be able feed Israelis and be the hands that directly serve the people, ultimately serving the Lord. “For whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me”. While passing out the water for them to drink, the prayer was that Jesus would be thier living water that would fill them and quench their thirst. After working up an appetite we walked down to the open market and ate fresh fruits, pastries, and fish, a great cultural experience. We then headed to the “prayer tower” that is in the center of Jerusalem where we had time of prayer, singing and fellowship with the local believers who have a continual place of prayer for the city of Jerusalem. We ended the day in a shabot service with the lone soldiers, a sweet time of fellowship with Israeli soldiers who do not have families in Israel. We got to hear stories and let them know that those in Knoxville love them and are praying for them.