Last Blog Oct-2015

Shabbat Shalom!  It’s hard to believe it has been two weeks. So the question on everybody’s mind at breakfast today is how and what does the Lord want us to do with this?  We all agree that you can’t come to the land without it changing you…even if this is your fourth, fifth, six time. How do we come back and assimilate back into the normal day in/day out routine of life and not be caught back up into the world?

The answer will be different for all of us, but the one common thread is spending time in prayer asking what is God’s will for us.

Last night we went to worship at Joesph Haddad’s eclesia. I always love coming to this particular service. You get so submerged into the Hebrew and to the Jewish people that you forget there are many groups that live here in the land and worship Yeshua. Joseph is an Arab Christian. The entire service is in Arabic (and some English for us), but here is the thing…it doesn’t matter what language it is in…you can always feel the spirit moving. You can feel the love of God when you smile and hug each and every one of them. It’s a treasured moment of mine. It also reminds me that we need to be praying for not only peace in Israel and for the veil to be lifted from the Jewish eyes, but to praying for the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, etc. Why this may seam impossible (maybe easier for us than others since we don’t necessarily suffer as the people here suffer), we must Love. It is the second greatest commandment to love others. Love can conquer all things.

The message last night opened my eyes to something I deep down inside knew, but really wasn’t practicing as much as I should. That is understanding that no level of reasoning or intellect can change the heart of someone who doesn’t believe. It is only the Holy Spirit that can cause that change. It is our duty, therefore to be praying while witnessing for the Holy Spirit to come upon them.

1 Corinthians 2:14-16 New International Version (NIV)

14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

15 The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments,

16 for, “Who has known the mind of the Lord
so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.

At the end of the day, it is all about relationship building and may we always remember to lift up one another in prayer over all these things.

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.


Sorry for not posting in a few days. Tuesday we got going early in order to make a full day of the old city. We started at the Holy Sepulchre church and then ventured over to the Western Wall for prayer.  There are very few people here touring. You can tell the mainstream media has hurt the tourism industry here.

We then had lunch in the Jewish quarter and the team broke up to do different things. Jim, Nancy and I went to the city of David and went through Hezekiah’s tunnel. Mindy, Betsy and Sonya went to the Burnt house and then to th city of David to do the dry tunnel.

Wednesday we checked out of he hotel and again split into two groups to head to the Negev where Michael, Sonya, Jim, Nancy and I went and conquered Masada. We then ventured south to the resorts to get into the Dead Sea. It was a bout a three hour drive to Tiberias after that.

This morning we are gearing up to go on the prayer boat and have lunch with Richard and Carolyn Hyde.


Today was a day for saying goodbye, building relationships and guess really guess what…you’ll never guess…ok you got it…painting.

We drove out to Abu Ghosh and met Ken at the cemetery where we all said our good-byes to Malka. We said the Lord’s Prayer, the Mourner’s Kaddish and our own personal prayer. Afterwards we went to Ken’s house and helped him paint and garden. As we departed we said a blessing and prayer over him.

Nancy Culpepper:

Shalom Knoxville!
This is my first trip to Israel and I have fallen in love with this country. What has struck me the most are the people. I watched a rally of young people a few days after arriving here. There had been several incidents of violence that day and they were coming together in a unity of support and love for their country. How wonderful to see this firsthand. It makes me realize how our young people back home take so much for granted and how little they know or care to know about the state of their own country. I wear a bracelet everyday that says “I pray for Israel”. I ask all of you who read this to please pray for Israel.


Today we went to John and Tikva Ott’s new home and painted half the house. We also did some gardening outside on the back porch.   Tonight we went to the king of kings worship center to worship. This congregation is geared towards missionaries in the land.

Betsy Rigell’s:

One of the things which make this trip so special, are the divine encounters which each of us run into here in His Land. Just this morning, Sunday, in the “Break Room”, this man came in having just arrived in Israel yesterday with his mom who is Jewish. They are believers from near Mobile Alabama, and this has been a life long dream of Isabel to visit Israel with her Doctor son, Jonah!! So Jonah and I had a visit,a little in Hebrew,which they have been studying on the web!!! Isabel has been interested in going to The King of Kings, so they plan to go with us tonight. Hope that works out.
Yesterday after the wonderful worship time at the Golani Junction with Arab, Jewish, Messianic Believers from all over the Land, when we finally found a place open on Shabbat to eat a meal. It was delicious food and the waitress even seemed pleased to give us separate checks.
Most of the ones here have not been so welcome to accomodate us in that way, but on the whole, we shouldn’t complain. Complaining is something which is easy to fall into in this Land with the Spiritual battle you face when visiting His Land.